Request for Order

Request for Order

A Request for Order (FL-300) is used to schedule a court hearing and ask the court to make new orders or to change orders in a Family Law case. The process for serving the FL-300 is as follows:
  1. If Item 7 in the section called "Court Order" on the FL-300 is checked, your papers MUST be served in person at least 16 court days before your court hearing date. If Item 7 is not checked, but other items in the "Court Order" section are checked, you may also need to have your spouse or domestic partner served in person.
  2. If there are NO check marks in the "Court Order" section and no Temporary Emergency Court Orders, you can probably serve your spouse or domestic partner by mail. If you serve by mail you must do it at least 16 court days before the hearing plus 5 calendar days for the mailing.
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