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            How much does it cost to do Defendant Location/Skip Tracing services?

            The fee for Defendant Location/Skip tracing is $125 per hour/one hour minimum. This includes writing any necessary reports for diligence that may be required by the Judge. Typically, this doesn't take longer than an hour in most cases. However, some USPS Post Masters require the Process Server to Appear in person at the Post Office to show identification, which could add considerable time to the billing. We rarely need to go to the USPS. Most of the searching is done with online data bases.

            Field Skip Tracing is $45. This is when the server is in the field making attempts and because he/she took the extra effort to ask questions to find out a new address for someone that no longer lives at the address given. Most companies don't even ask the questions, if the current resident says, "they no longer live here", the server just bills for the "bad address" and closes the job. 
            Updated: 24 Sep 2019 02:17 AM
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