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            What is considered "Routine Service"?

            Routine Service is first attempt is made within 48 hours of the receiving the service documents and payment has been made. Then morning, noon and night attempts are made within 7 days, giving us a 7 day window for service. If your job needs to be completed prior to the 7 day time frame then an additional "Rush Fee" is added to the cost of the job. "Routine" jobs all attempts are made at the discretion of the Server within the guidelines above. There are other factors that may cause your job to lose "Routine" status such as:
            1. Defendant is avoiding service
            2. Service address is located in a Rural Area
            3. Service address is gated and access is not safe
            4. Service address is in a gated community without a Guard posted at the entrance
            Once we determine that the job is not Routine, we will contact you to discuss other methods of service. Keep in mind that 90% of our jobs are completed on a "Routine" basis. So don't panic, even if someone else has tried to serve this person prior. Our methods are unique and we have been able to serve people that others have failed to serve.

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            Updated: 22 Aug 2019 10:07 AM
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