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            Do you charge for Consultations and what is the best way to communicate with your company?

            Initial consultations are free. Since this is a legal business, once we have set up the job, we insist that all communications are done by way of the email chain that we establish for your job. The subject line will include Ticket#, Job# and the Case Name for your job. We deal with a lot of communications on a daily basis so this is the best way to keep communications from being misunderstood or forgotten. Emails get responded to a lot faster than returning a phone call.

            Like all relationships certain boundaries need to be established. Frequent or unnecessary communications cost us time and money. Our job management system is fully automated and will update you automatically whenever a status change occurs. There is no need to call or email for status updates, this is a waist of our time and "time is money". So be patient and we will communicate with you as needed. Even though the initial consultations are free, once we've set up the job and everything is in motion, client initiated communications either by phone, text or email are subject to charges based on $85 per hour, billed at 15 minute increments ($21.25 for every 15 minutes, 15 minute minimum). And of course if we initiate the communication there is no charge.

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            Updated: 28 Aug 2019 07:03 AM
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