What are the Fees for Service of Process?

What are the Fees for Service of Process?

Every legal document has it own set of requirements or "Due Diligence" for service. So there is no “One Size Fits All” answer to this question. But to give you an idea on how we determine pricing let me over simplify for the moment. If the document can be Sub-Served typically the fee is $125 per party/per address for “Routine” service. If the document MUST BE PERSONALLY SERVED or you require Personal Service the Fee is $150 per party/per address for “Routine” service. 

The Fees for Service include a signed Proof of Service or Affidavit. Filing of the Proof Of Service/Affidavit is not included in the price in order to keep our prices competitive. We give our clients the option to file the Proof of Service/Affidavit themselves or you can hire us to do the filing.  

There are other variables that effect pricing such as the service address. Gated Properties, Rural Areas are not considered “Routine”. If someone is avoiding service, that is also not considered a “Routine” service. Look for an article in this Knowledge Base that explains the process for serving your particular documents. Then you can get an idea of what the cost will be. If you’re not sure how your documents need to be served and you can’t find an article for your particular documents, then to get an accurate quote please send us an email or give us call.

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